WHo are we

Fully Bugged” is a group of friends, mostly professional video game’s developers from different horizons, and working for different game companies spread all around the world (France, Canada, Singapore, right now for instance). We're "meeting" online during our spare time to create small indie games. We’re trying to develop our games for the maximum of platform available to us, to be sure to offer to everyone, the results of our work.

We are only working few hours a week, when our lives allow us to do so (usually 2 to 4 hours on Sunday despite the time differences). It makes us slow and not very productive, but we're having fun and we're proud to finish and release our projects.

Nicolas is so far, the link between all the different projects,. We started to work together in 1994. Dstroy, a Bomberman-like game on Ms-Dos, was our first game released in 1995. Check out all we've done since in the Games section.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations.